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No one person can know it all or one book provide all the information that every gardener wants to know. Gardening is the best way to learn about growing plants successfully. But none of us have enough time to learn all we want about all the plants there are to grow. Increase your knowledge by talking with other gardeners and professionals, reading books and magazines, attending workshops and surfing the internet. Here are just a few websites you may find helpful. Be sure to keep adding your favorites to this list.

All-American Rose Selections

All-American Selections

American Rose Society

Alpine Garden Society

American Daylily Society

American Fern Society

American Hosta Society

American Iris Society

American Penstemon Society

American Peony Society

American Primrose Society

Botany: Celebrating Wildflowers

Bookworm Gardens

Chicago Botanic Garden

Fine Gardening

Chicago Botanic Garden

Flowers Directory

Gardening Organizations Directory

The Green Chronicle

Help me Find.com

Iowa State University Extension Publications

Lawn and Garden WebVision

Michigan State University Extension Publications

Missouri Botanical Gardens

National Chrysanthemum Society

North American Rock Garden Society

Open Days Directory: The Guide to Visiting Hundreds of America's Best Private Gardens

Perennial Plant Association

Purdue University Extension Service Publications

The Ohio State University Extension Publications

Sedum Society

University of Illinois Extension Publications

University of Kentucky Publications

University of Minnesota Extension Publications

University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

University of Missouri Outreach and Education Publications

University of Wisconsin Extension Publications