Spring Garden Tips

Garden Events

Here is another way to enhance your gardening skills, meet other gardeners and learn new and creative ways to garden. Attend garden events and flower and garden shows in your area. To help, I’ve added a listing of various gardening events and garden and flower shows that will be updated regularly. I hope you will find this to be a useful resource for you as you strive to learn all that you can about gardening! If you are planning a garden event and would like me to add it to the list, please Please submit event information at least two months prior to the event date. Organizations may submit a maximum of two events per month. All event submissions will be screened and those deemed appropriate will be added to this page.


San Mateo County

Nursery Pot Reuse


Many nurseries in San Mateo County will take back black rigid plastic pots and return them to growers for reuse. Each nursery listed has specifications as to what size pots they will accept. Please follow their guidelines. Pots must be empty and unbroken to be re–used. Leave pots during business hours only. Acceptable materials are subject to change.

Click on the RecycleWorks website for a list of participating nurseries.




North Haven Gardens Pot Recycling Service


NHG can accept plastic nursery pots and trays with the Recycling codes #2, #5 and #6 stamped on them, usually on the bottom of the pot. Please pre-rinse your pots and take them to our loading zone. You will find bins labeled with the numbers #2, #5 and #6. Please sort your pots with according numbers into the correct bins.

Pots of different sizes and colors may share the same recycling code number. You may have 4” pots, 6” pots and gallon sized containers that will be sorted into the same recycling bin.




City of Vancouver Nursery Pot Recycling


Finished planting? Please don’t toss the pots. Take this opportunity to recycle or support reuse!

Nursery pots 5 gallons and smaller can be placed in your blue recycling cart. If you have larger pots or more than will fit in your recycling cart, you may drop them off at one of the locations listed below. You don’t need to separate or rinse, but please empty pots of all soil.

If you are a business with commercial quantities of nursery pots, please call Agri-Plas directly at 503-390-2381 for more information.

Visit the City of Vancouver website for a list of drop-off sites.